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Hi there, I'm Shanyse

I grew up in Lancaster, PA (no, I'm not Amish). I grew up in a vibrant Latino household filled with music and constant dancing. I love being puerto rican. At any given moment you could hear Salsa, Merengue, Hip-Hop , Rap, R&B , Jazz or Pop music. At the age of 12 my life was radically transformed by Jesus. I was saved in my pre-teens and never looked back. Oh it has been a journey but I do not regret the decision I committed to. 


As I began to get involved in whatever I could at church, I fell in love with praise and worship. I loved writing, singing and learning anything pertaining to it. I began to write and record music and got exposed to a lot of different areas in the Christian music world. 


I am a self-taught photographer and I have been doing photography for over 10 years now. It has been such a great ride! I love being creative and this is especially one of those great outlets. 


Later on in life I fell in love with a man by the name of John. After, waiting patiently and setting myself apart, I said yes to my African King. What a gift! We cannot wait to visit his country! I have a great desire to travel for the Lord. I have been on about 7 mission trips  with Light of Hope.  


He wasn't the only thing I fell in love with though. Stay with me, nothing scandalous over here. Soon I discovered my love for writing should be used for a greater purpose. I write about all kinds of things pertaining to life, struggles and finances. So here I am, being brave and with it all . I don't know what it'll all look like but like everything else in my life, I just want to be obedient. Combining writing and my love for worship, I decided to start there.


Thanks for stopping by and here's to the wonderful

adventure that awaits us both.

Thank you Jesus! 


Shanyse Nicole

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