There comes a time in life where you simply just want to run. Some people run to their destiny and others run towards their destruction. I asked myself all the time am I running towards my destiny.

I think about this a lot because in life we always have a choice. I know there are some that don't believe we have a choice and life is just a game we play and all of our parts are given to us. But I think that is incorrect. I know we have a choice in life. Free will was given to all by God and we see this in what we do daily.

I see people who have made amazing decisions to go to school or start a brand and it is so exciting to see the journey. On the flip side, I see other friends who made very poor choices and their life truly isn't all that they wanted. I pray for them because we as people as humans have so much to give. In this broken society we need each other to grow and to succeed. Success is not built simply on one person it is through efforts through a collective. I don't know about you but I rely on my God more than anything. In addition, I also rely on the encouragement of my amazing husband and close friends who have walked with me for a while now. I truly that people will always tell me the truth when I'm not doing to well or to tell me I'm doing awesome and to just sit back and enjoy the goodness of God in this new season. We need this to survive. WE NEED COMMUNITY. If you are struggling by yourself, ask yourself do you have community? What do I mean by community, well I mean do you have people you can be real with? Do you have people who KNOW YOU for real? Do you have people who can pull your card? YES, those people! That is the kind of person you need in your life. If you don't have that you won't get to where you want to in life. Life is not a journey alone and those who do things alone are often depression, dissatisfied, bored and lost. Pray for those to find their way to community and more importantly to a fulfilling relationship with Jesus Christ who will lead them and guide them into their destiny.

Woah this got real deep too fast, AINT! HA lol.

I think its a question I come to a lot because I am always setting future goals and making sure I accomplish them. I don't know if you have ever done this, but I know I made a whole life plan for myself. I planned I would be married by 25 and have kids like two years later. I would have already graduated from Fashion School and been building up my clothing brand. I had my name back in high school and I was set on that dream. I also knew I was going to live in California and marry a man out there. I had such a plan and I was upset with each year that passed that my plan never panned out the way it was supposed too. MY PLAN's did not work out for many reasons and I can truly tell you I don't know why. But what I will say is in all my PLANNING, I always said one prayer. My prayer was....


See no one told me to pray those kinds of bold prayers because somehow said them LOL. I think my FAITH took me farther than I wanted to go! It was a prayer I would always come back to at every season of my life to say, God, am I on the right path still? I never wanted to do things aimlessly and waste time. I live that way now and forevermore. I want my life to be full of accomplishments, yes, but I want for GOD to be proud of me more than anything. Proud as a daughter. I don't want to turn away or get proud because I made it like Moses. I don't want to get to the end of my life and know I blew it.

I won't lie to you, in my journey I have gotten many "NO's"! It would be so discouraging to get NO's because you knew God was right in his NO. He was right in closing that door and he was right in removing that opportunity. God was truly amazing in covering me and helping me along the way. What I have learned from the NO's? I have learned to be grateful because God knows better than me. I have learned that doing things my own way makes things worse and I always find myself back to the place where God wanted me all along. I have learned his ways are higher than mines and so are his thoughts. I have seen God come through repeatedly and so I can trust him. I have not only seen God come through repeatedly but He has answered my prayers to the finest details. My God is simply amazing. A life outside of Jesus is just simply existing. But a Life with JESUS is life-giving and so fulfilling.

So what am I saying today...

Don't just live life to live life. Live knowing you are fulfilling your destiny and purpose on this planet called Earth. Know that God did not just form you in your mother's womb to simply be "living". You are called and you are chosen to be more than you would ever imagine. GOD CAN AND HE WILL LEAD YOU AND GUIDE YOU IF YOU LET HIM.

I am praying for you out there today struggling in places of doubt and fear with your life. I am praying that you choose Jesus and if you have that he speaks of where you are to be next and to show you the way.


Shanyse Nicole

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