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I anticipate a move from God like never before.

I know some people get excited for a birthday apart or a family get together or even vacation but I feel an anticipation like never before. I feel like New Years is about to happen early! I feel a revival is coming to our churches in a new way! I see it all stirring around me and I hear the cry of Gods people, it is a force to be reckoned with!

I have heard many quotes of people who don’t believe in God and it’s tough to think about a person you can’t see right? But the word of God says you can’t serve God without faith. Faith if the tool that God uses, he wants to see that we believe, we anticipate, we expect a move! I know trouble comes and sometimes I think we can expect more bad than good! People wish good vibes into the earth(that don’t do nothing for you) But Why ? Why do we do that? Why do we allow doubt to fill out minds before hope does? I will tell you why, the lie is we convince ourselves to brace for impact! To prepare for the worst so we won’t be so excited and our hopes are let down!

Well, let me tell you something, what if you changed your mind? Romans 12:1-2 What if you would actually do what the preacher said to do on Sunday? What if you would finally do what you have always known to do? What if in every situation you would confess Gods truth! What if you stepped out in faith? We use faith so much and don’t even realize it! Stop letting your doubts rob you from your purpose In God! You were born for such a time as this!

What if you confess your fears but you told them to shut up in the name of Jesus! What if you submitted your fears to God! What if you sang out everything that you knew was true even when you didn’t feel it! I will tell you what would happen, you would stop relying on you and start looking to Jesus the King ! See our hope is not found in our jobs and in our careers! Employers fail, people fail, the economy fails! BUT JESUS NEVER FAILS! Our hope is not found in our successes or the items we gain in this world! Our success and our reward is knowing Jesus personally as he walks us. Our reward is watching God work out all the ugly things and turn them into beautiful things In this world! To see redeem everyone we encounter!

I feel a stirring ! I know there is a group of confident Christians that are rising with no doubts in God! Full of faith people who will be apart of the movement Because they are righteous convicted people of God! We care about His kingdom coming to earth! Yes!



I don’t know about you but I anticipate Heaven to be unleashed on Earth and for the reality of the kingdom to come and invade our broken world! You want to know how revival starts? You want to know how a movement is starts?

It starts with humans who are sold out to the Truth of Jesus Christ! It starts with people that are so convinced of who their God is! People who are done with fake things this world has to offer! People who want a REAL LOVE, and that is only found in JESUS!

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