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Monuments & Altars

Monuments are meant to remind of us a time in history. At times, we walk by them not understanding their value until we learn The Who and Why of it all. Why did they build a monument and why is it important for us to understand this? I’ll tell you why, it’s because it was a pivotal time and because of that moment in history many things are forever changed. I think back to the Israelites where The Lord told them to build an altar to thank the Lord, or where he told them to build a monument to document a special moment.

As we get older, we forget the things we have been contending for. We tend to live life but how awesome is it to look back at a thing because we have built altars and monuments there.

I remember when I first moved into our townhouse right before getting married, I knelt to the grown and cried saying "Lord you knew all my life I wanted stability, and you gave me a home, and this place will be for people"! See, I had lived in over 13 difference places and only 27 years of age I felt so unstable and I prayed for a place I can stay in for years. Life happens to us all. I'm sure with all the things I had going on I could have cursed God. I could have felt abandoned by Him but I knew he wouldn't leave me without. At each season of my life a home, a place to sleep was provided for me, for that I am so grateful. Many people want cars and jewelry and just things. All I wanted was security and stability. Thank you Jesus he not only answered that prayer but He provided me with so much more.

dont forget the reason why your started

don’t forget the prayers prayed

don't forget the reason why you fasted in that trying season for breakthrough

don't forgot the desperation you had that made you pray that way

and when Jehovah Jireh answers you

worship Him

glorify Him

celebrate it

testify about it

document it

Lift your voice in thankfulness because Jesus did it for you! He moved on your behalf. It’s the heart of the Father! A father who wants to love on his children, a father who wants to be in relationship with His Sons and Daughters.

If you want to begin to build monuments and altars then

-begin to take records of things the Lord has done

-begin to set reminders of things are you such as verses, pictures , journal entries etc.

I tell people all the time it will be an encouraging thing to look back to what the Lord has brought you from in that time in your life. Don't forget where you came from. Don't ever stop being grateful. Plus, it will be a testimony to your children and their children. Generations after you will talk about the faithfulness of our God. HE IS FAITHFUL.

Just take a moment right now, think about a Sovereign God that allows us to petition something in prayer. The All-Knowing, Powerful and Loving God we serve wants to hear our hearts on things in life. And we get to have relationship with Him in prayer. He hears us and we get to hear Him!

What a privilege and an honor to know Jesus Christ <3.

If you don't know Him, get to Know HIM



Feel free to comment below.... :-)

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