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Updated: Oct 8, 2022

We have already prayed this prayer in our home with a heart postured to go. We have not known where or how we will get there, but we know His leading and by this we respond. We are responding with a yes.

Currently, John, I and little Talia have the opportunity to go on our first family missions trip to the country of Dominican Republic. Joining a team for a medical missions trip and visiting the city of Santo Domingo, who has recently opened a Medical Clinic. We are joining in with Dr. Robert Doe through Light of Hope and Youth With A Mission. What a profound union!

Our goal is to participate in all that needs done on the ground for the week we are there. To serve this community through the medical clinic, evangelism and offering salvation and prayer at every chance we get.

As a family, we know this can be laborious but we understand if Jesus called us we will be ready and able as we are. I have toggled with this idea of going and quickly I made a list of why I shouldnt. The enemy is deceitful and uses lies, obligations and bills to prevent us from accomplishing the mission. The Lord can work with the little or the much we bring to him if our heart is to do His Will. So many excuses have held me back from sometime now but I see the urgency to CONTINUE and TO GO WHEREVER HE SAYS. HE HAS OUR YES. HE HOLDS OUR FAMILY IN HIS HANDS.

HE IS JEHOVAH JIREH PROVIDER! HE WORKS EVERYTHING OUT FOR OUR GOOD! Jesus is Worthy to be praise and we can only posture ourselves in this day and age to serve his people.

Our trip is going to be from Nov 5-12 of 2022. If you feel pressed to help our goal the missions amount per person is $1000.00. Thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration to help sponsoring us !

We know in the future more opportunities will come in the future and we want to be ready to serve GODs people near and far.

Pray for us in this new adventure!


John , Shanyse & Talia

Venmo: @Shanyse-Rushemeza

CashApp: $rushamazin

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