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Hey y’all! I am so excited for 2022 and it was such a blessing to be able to take a break from everything on social! I feel it was important to start off the year by taking some time and space which was so helpful. Nothing like being focused for the year! While my husband was praying for us this year the word of the Lord he received was that 2022 would be “The Year of Expansion. what a word right! Yes, I believe the Lord is truly going to do that for us in every area of our lives. So, with that being said here I am diving in again. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t just write something that didn’t come from a genuine place and it’s important to me that involve you in my life. Many of you I know personally and some of you I don’t know at all but I know it’s important to be real and authentic.

To be honest, I wanted to quit this blog because to me it felt like it became a job to do. What once started out as a fun way to express my heart to people became too real and too close for comfort. I realize that this is a part of blogging and I know that my life is not my own so I have to continue to press forward and that’s why I choose to continue writing.

See, I started out journaling as a kid… for me it was a safe place. Meeting with the Lord at any time of the day included writing! I was always able to reflect on life, my decisions, my dreams, my failures, my hopes, my disappointments and my victories. Looking back, I can see how the Lord used situations to shape me and mold me into who I am today. So that’s how and why I write....(well, I am a talker too ha ha) You see, with a paper and pen, I let out all of my feelings and emotions and that helped me get to a better place in the presence of God. It opened me up to invite Jesus into those vulnerable spaces.

When I spend time with God, I pray, worship and meditate on His word, His truth and I often find myself needing to create. If you are a creative you know what I mean! If I needed to write a song, I wrote my heart out, and sometimes I drew or painted! I would even dance it out if I felt it was needed! In the presence of Jesus I feel the most free! I want that for you too! So you can discover your true identity in Christ!

So, You may be reading this and you’re not necessarily in a relationship with God or it may be a little rocky considering the past couple of years we have all had! You may be doubting your faith! I hear you! You may even be considering turning to other things! But I want you to know Jesus is The Way and you won’t find fulfillment outside of Him. In His Kingdom there is life and life abundantly. Everything else is hopeless. People fail, things fail but He does not! My hope is that this small blog will help you find your way back to God and to Know Him! I write this with tears in my eyes because this is my life message.

One of the reasons why I started this blog was so I could inspire people to find and experience healing on the inside and their relationship with the Lord restored. I have said I want people to move from pain to peace, not to mean things will be perfect but that you don’t have to live in a place of pain anymore! The Lord allows pain but he doesn't purpose for us to stay there and live there. Peace is available to you today!

So from now on that will be my focus. Moving forward, I will share things I never had and just allow the Lord to use me in a deeper way this year. I commit to you truly always to be 100%. My hope is that we become closer as brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus! So that we live out our calling and destiny here on the earth Until He restores all things!

So, if you had faith once and lost your way or if you want to know this Jesus that I talk about so often OPEN YOUR HEART NOW! I challenge you TODAY Not tomorrow , Not next week and not when you get things together… but TODAY


Jesus forgive my sins

I believe you died on The Cross for all of my sins

I believe you rose again showing me I can have a new life within your kingdom!

Please make your home within me today!

I want to be obedient to Your will from now on. I’m done doing things my way! I need you , In Jesus name amen

Let him use your story ( your pain ) for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ to go forth! He layed His Life down for you and for me! We have victory now! Death is defeated! He went through pain to give us peace! He settled the score so you no longer live in condemnation and shame anymore. A peace that surpasses understanding! A peace that is sure when things may be going crazy around us! I pray you to know this peace, and your life forever be a testament of his grace, mercy and forgiveness Forever !

If you said that prayer, if you gave your life to the Lord, if you rededicated your life back to Him by reading this blog please inbox me. I want to rejoice with you and I would love to help you grow in your walk with God!

I challenge you to read the books of ABOUT JESUS :

  • Matthew

  • Mark

  • Luke

  • John

  • Romans

  • Acts

Find a local church that will help you to walk in obedience in your relationship with Jesus! YOU GET ALL THE GLORY LORD! <3

Hallelujah! Until Next time y’all! Blessings!

Shanyse Nicole

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