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Updated: Jan 30, 2022

So let me begin by telling you a few things I learned in 2021. This was the year I discovered life in a new way while staying home. I can't even believe I'm a mom, it is so surreal. Anyway, I feel like the lesson I learned this year are pretty important. I discovered the things that really matter most in my life are, My Faith, My Family and Our Future.

Our family grew from 2 to 3 and what a sweet blessing it has been. People ask if I love being a mother and, the answer is YES. I am so privilege to have the opportunity to do it and I feel so honored to have her in my life you have no idea.

This year, I learned to use all the food I have in my house. The Lord has provided for us and you know the food you put to the back of the shelf, yes I've used it all this year and im thankful for it. So many new recipes and I am so grateful for the ability to be creative. I became a better baker (macaroons), cook (gluten free) and I learned to save my money in new ways by shopping locally.

We made family trips out of our discovery of new markets and we found 3 new markets this year! We had So much fun. There is a plethora of goodness in Lancaster County. Take advantage of it ya'll, its cheaper to buy the real stuff and cook it yourself. It is possible to cook from scratch and to eat healthier. YES!

My faith in Jesus has grown deeper in such a real way. With my limited time and sleep this year the times I have spent in communion with God has been so rich. I cannot explain it. My prayer life has intensified! My dreams have become so vivid. Reading His Word 😭 I wonder if this is the attention Jesus wanted from me the whole time. I wonder if I grieved his heart because I didn't pay attention as much as I do now. Oh Lord, He got my attention, my heart and my affections. Sometimes, I can just be in tears at any moment in fellowship with the Maker of Heaven in the store, grocery shopping and just sitting with my family praying before dinner.

In this age where many are trying to escape fear, I challenge you to cling to the spirit of Jesus because if you don't you can fall prey to the tactics of the enemy. His goal is to stricken us to be immobile. Fearless, we stand as a family unit and it's all because Jesus has held us up to this point. Our confidence is in Him because at the end of the day He is all that matters. Not even this little life we have made for ourselves. All we want to do is make our Father in Heaven in proud. We will lift up our voices in this generation for the lost, broken and hurting to find JESUS, the solution to the World!

So....what do I commit to this year?

To being more in love and dedicated to Jesus and His Word; to be a servant in every aspect. I commit to doing more videos and go live (on social media) even if that scares me! I commit to singing again in the way Jesus has designed me to let it out. I commit to being a better wife and mother. I commit to being a better sister, daughter and I commit to listen more and to talk less.

So to begin this new year, we will be fasting for the month of January and, I challenge you to FAST with us.

Let's focus our hearts on Heaven and on His plan for the year! Are you ready? LET'S GO!!!

Number 6:24-26

24 The LORD bless you and keep you;

25 the LORD make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;

26 the LORD lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.


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