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Open Space

Vulnerability is such a hard thing sometimes. Being vulnerable means you have to let some barriers down. It means your going to give an open space to people and experiences without guarding yourself. You will be emotionally bare. Yikes.

Isn’t it scary! Yes. Ofcourse! It takes courage! Just like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before the fall of man, they stood Unashamed and Unafraid ; totally free. Pure freedom meaning not hiding a thing from God or one another. a pure picture of FREEDOM!

So, the question is what has taken us to a place of being closed off…what causes us to shrink back? Is it our own sin? Being trapped in my own destructive patterns kept me from being free. Hanging on to things from the past like unforgiveness. I couldn't forgive. It was so hard to let go! In addition, I was full of shame from past sins I committed. I couldn’t get free!

Is it our own hurts? This was a big one for me and it was because people hurt me that I closed myself up to the people who were truly for me. My hurt and unforgiveness really held me back. The rejection hurt so badly! I know all to well about opening up before people and how it feels to bare your emotions. Some will take advantage and be there for you and others will hear you and keep it moving. Just because some people do that , doesn’t mean everyone will. Believe me you will know the right people to confide in! You will know the right spaces to BE in, with total freedom.

In short, I’m sure we can all write a list of why being open is just too hard! But let me tell you, once you learn to take down the walls you hide behind, you will find healing there. If your scared to let “people” in, I hear you …. start with The Ultimate Father and Friend ; Jesus Christ! Ask Him into your heart to help you! Repent for your sins and find forgiveness in His presence! When everyone else fails you He won’t! When you feel alone He is always with you! He sticks closer than a brother!

I challenge you, Let Him

in Today. In September it will be 20 years ago that I said yes to Him and I have no regrets about it! If it wasn’t for His Love I would Be lost. If you only knew my complete story!!!! His sweet grace and mercy 🙋🏻‍♀️ towards me. It’s available for you too!

Call out to Him today, not one day is promised to man. Take advantage of the breathe in your lungs now. Be Vulnerable ♥️ Be Open

Take a step of Faith towards your healing! I am here to help encourage you to move past all your fear- and jump right in! Move from #PainToPeace! You can’t control the outcome and that’s ok! Let’s move forward and grow together now!

You got this!

Shanyse Nicole

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